Gear Guide

A comprehensive guide to your snowboarding equipment. With every important feature and technology covered, you'll know all you need to before purchasing your next piece of gear; Plus not to forget more coming soon...

  • Snowboard length, width and style sizing
  • Binding angles and stance setup
  • Boot fitting

About RiderWise

With the rapid increase of exposure to the online world, everything is becoming easier to access. Like never before people are now able to connect with each other from different sides of the globe. Utilizing this, RiderWise aims to get snowboarders collaborating ideas, experiences and perspectives on snowboarding so that the now maturing sport can continuously evolve and stay alive.

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RiderWise Forms

These are a group of three forms with a series of questions. Each form designed to shed light on any area of snowboarding you want to improve.

This service will only be around for free as long as the volume of forms submitted are low. When there are too many forms being submitted to handle, there'll either be a fee charged or they will be cancelled. Needles to say, get in while you can.

Quality Feedback

All feedback given will come from an experienced snowboard instructor. It will be tailored specifically to you and what you are trying to achieve, nothing is given as a template.